Independent Luxury: The Four Innovation Strategies To Endure In The Consolidation Jungle

In recent years, luxury brands have deviated from the principles of craftsmanship, rarity, uniqueness and heritage. Conglomerates such as LVMH and Richemont have grown at an unprecedented pace and show no sign of slowing. This book explains the importance of innovation and argues why independent brands are vital to the survival of the industry.

" The first trend is shift from owing to experiencing, from showing off to connoisseurship. Chinese clients have a fast-evolving taste for brands, moving from louis Vuitton to Miu miu then to Bottega Veneta. "

Jonas Hoffmann
"Academician & Writer"

Jonas Hoffmann, PhD, is Professor of Luxury Strategy at SKEMA Business School. An expert in innovation and emerging markets, he consults and give executive training regularly in Europe, China and the United States. He is a regular keynote speaker at international luxury summits and has published with Palgrave the books 'Global Luxury Trends', 'Luxury Strategy in Action' and 'Sustainable Innovation Strategy'.

Laurent Lecamp
"Entrepreneur & Writer"

Laurent Lecamp is the co-founder of successful luxury companies in the watch making/accessories industry which have been awarded for creativity, design and innovation. He was one of the very youngest CEOs in the Swiss Watchmaking Industry with the Cyrus brand. He is an influential advocate for independent luxury players and regularly invited for international conferences. He is currently Executive Vice President Sales at Carl F. Bucherer.


‘Independent Luxury is a fascinating exploration of what innovation in luxury means, brimming with examples of producers of luxury that are trying to make it on their own. Anyone interested in the strange world of luxury goods will find enlightenment in this book.’ -Brooke Unger, The Economist

‘This book on luxury is totally different from others… It is a guide for those who think innovation is the key to understanding luxury. And it is… With this book the reader will access to many strategies to promote innovation as an answer to the present crisis… and a precious tool to penetrate all markets and surprise the customers of the world.’

-Christian Blanckaert, Former executive VP of Hermes International, Visiting professor ESCP-Europe

‘This book opened my mind, gave me more knowledge, techniques, and perspectives, so I am better equipped to deal with the world.’

-Lei (Louise) Lei, Deputy Feature Director-Watch & Jewelry, Shanghai Morning Post

‘Independent Luxury captures the zeitgeist at a moment when the global consumer is becoming more discerning with their expectations on what constitutes luxury.’

Burak Cakmak, Dean of Fashion, Parsons The New School of Design

‘A rare look at the other end of the luxury telescope.’

-Guy Salter, Deputy Chairman, Walpole British Luxury

‘I bet here’s almost everything you would like to know about the independent luxury. Complex facts and statistics are explained in simple words and conclusions are often unexpected. This worldwide analysis is definitely worth reading. Independent luxury brands, the endangered industry species, surely need to be studied and protected like the Knysna elephant. What elephant, you ask? Open the book!’

-Alexander Vetrov, Chief Editor Armband Uhren Russia; Mercury Group

Title : Independent Luxury: The Four Innovation Strategies To Endure In The Consolidation Jungle
Authors : Jonas Hoffmann & Laurent Lecamp
Edition : illustrated
Publisher : Springer, 2015
Publication Date : 2015
ISBN : 1137481463, 9781137481467